Western Arctic Environmental Studies


Western Arctic Environmental Studies is a portal into projects funded by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to establish an integrated knowledge of Arctic ecosystems.

These projects sample and study benthic and pelagic biota and chemistry, physical oceanography, and food webs. Each individually funded project includes its own website with reports, maps, and data available for public use.

study areas


2008 - 2011
Chukchi Sea, with focus on BOEM lease areas

Hanna Shoal

2011 - 2015
Hanna Shoal, northeastern Chukchi Sea


2013 - 2016
Beaufort Sea

Stefansson Sound Boulder Patch

2012 - 2018
Boulder Patch, Beaufort Sea

Additional Projects

Projects funded by sources other than BOEM

NPRB Data Rescue

Seas and gulfs around Alaska