Boulder Patch Research


The first studies of the Boulder Patch began in summer 1978 under the OCSEAP program. Earliest work focused on the collection of kelp and the associated invertebrate fauna at what became a long-term study site, DS-11. Several monitoring sites were added in 1984 as part of a baseline environmental assessment program funded by British Petroleum Exploration, Inc. In more recent years, with funding from BOEM, researchers began long-term monitoring of temperature, salinity, pH, water level, bottom currents, and irradiance. These physical measurements complement biological research on kelp growth, faunal and floral diversity, biomass, and rates of kelp sporeling recolonization and establishment. In addition, concerted efforts are underway to thoroughly annotate the algal species composition of the Boulder Patch with phycologist Dr. Bob Wilce (above left, with Ken Dunton). Updates to the algal species list are also undergoing revision using genomic methods.

Topics of Current Research

  • Use long term, year-round data of underwater light, salinity, temperature and currents to understand the enviromental factors that 1) structure the benthic community, and 2) determine Laminaria solidungula growth and abundance
  • Through population genetic analysis, describe how the Boulder Patch population of Laminaria solidungula may be connected to other Arctic kelp beds
  • Determine how freshwater inputs affect the distribution of crustose coralline algae
  • Revise and update species composition of the algal flora and fauna of the community for species diversity assessments

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    • Light Data
      This dataset consists of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) recordings taken at the surface and underwater in the Boulder Patch. The dataset spans from 1984 to 2016.


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