Data and Tools


Dunton, K. H., S. Schonberg, and T. Whiteaker (2019). Rescue of National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC) Files: The Benthic Infauna of the Beaufort Sea Coast and Shelf, 1975-1980. Research Workspace.

The primary archive for files related to this project is the North Pacific Research Board's Research Workspace, a DataONE member node. Key project files are also included on this website for your convenience.

Analyzed Data Files

Parsing Code

The zip file below includes the Python parsing code, example data files, instructions, and example code which utilizes the parsing code.

Parsing Code and Example Data

Species List

All taxa documented in the F030 dataset are listed in the CSV file linked below. The list includes columns for ITIS taxonomic serial number (TSN), legacy NODC taxon code, and legacy NODC taxon name.

F030 Species List